Best of Both Worlds: Makati in the Middle

Aerial View Of MakatiFor some people living in the North, Alabang is never where they meet friends. For people in the South, Fairview is definitely not for them. But for those who want to meet in the middle, Makati is THE place to be.

The argument about the Metro North and South is an old tradition. For example, groups of friends who live in both ends can’t decide on a hangout place. Those from the North will complain, and so will those from the South. Rather than waste time arguing, they end up with a common decision: just go to Makati.

Apart from housing favorite malls such as Glorietta, Greenbelt, and Power Plant Mall, or high-society establishments like the Proscenium at Rockwell, there’s more to Makati than what meets the eye. It’s the best of both worlds.

The Meeting Place

Whether you live in the North or in the South, going to Makati is never a problem. The famous city is in the middle of both extremes.

Apart from being near to almost everything, Makati is also accessible to everyone. No need to worry about driving or commuting. If you’re a driver, various highways and shortcuts immediately lead you to the business districts. Being a commuter poses no problem. With the rise of UV Express transport services whenever and wherever, going to Makati is never a problem.

There’s Something for Everyone

Makati is home to a lot of things both the Metro South and North love. For example, it’s the home to a lot of museums such as the Philippine Army Museum, Museo ng Makati, and Yunchengco Museum. It also houses famous art galleries like The Drawing Room, Manila Contemporary, and Silverlens.

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For lovers of the night, Makati is also the city that never sleeps. Once night falls, the neon lights flicker to life and everyone troops to their favorite café, restaurant, pub, or sports bar. With thousands of establishments to choose from, you’ll never run out of choices.

Metro North and Metro South will always have their differences. Being extremes, there will always be arguments. But at least, they can agree on one thing: Makati.