Become a Better Big Man in the Post

Training Camp Big men anchored many of the NBA’s championship teams throughout the decades; there was George Mikan, Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Shaquille O’Neal and Tim Duncan. If the jump shots aren’t falling, the post players pound the ball inside to deliver baskets. As a post player, developing your game around the basket allows you to become an important contributor to your team.

Many coaches from a training camp for basketball cite the following ways that enable you to develop your post moves.

Proper Footwork

Shaq and Olajuwon have contrasting big man games, but both have excellent footwork that separated them from the rest. As a post player, you need to have the solid footwork to get the position you want and score at an efficient rate. The different pivots you need to master are front, inside, drop step, step through and sweep. These pillars provide you with several options around the basket. Once you master these moves with practice and implementation, create your own combinations.

Correct Positioning

When you play around and near the basket, it’s all about positioning. Planting yourself in the right spot puts you in a good position to do a lot of good things like making a pass to a cutter, finish at the rim or kick out to an open shooter. A foot or two too close or too far reduces your options and puts you in an uncomfortable position. Ideally, the position to control is the first marker just above the block by the lane.

Arsenal of Moves

The best men have go-to moves they use to make good plays; scouting reports may point to this all the time, but because of your pet move, the defense still can’t do anything about it. Develop a go-to move or shot to attack the defense and keep them at bay. This might be an up and under move, a skyhook, a fade away jump shot or a slight shoulder shrug to get open.

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In today’s game of threes and picks, the big men can still carve a niche for her or himself in the lane, as long as they solid footwork, go-to moves and know how to find the best position on the block.