Beating Traffic Woes: Encouraging Your Employees to Bike to Work

city commute in Manila
If you’ve lived and work in Metro Manila long enough, you’ve probably fantasized about inventing a faster and more convenient way of commuting to work. The daily Carmageddon that Manila folks experience on a daily basis on all major roads is just too much for fragile, temperamental human beings.

But the traffic in Manila doesn’t just affect employees and student; it has a significant impact on the private and public sectors as well. Imagine how many work hours are lost with just one bloody trip from Quezon City to Ayala.

Over the past couple of years, individuals and groups have been finding alternate transportation to work – biking is increasingly becoming more popular. It’s also one of the best options, especially to businesses, as it yields the following benefits:

Productivity in the Workplace

Countless studies have shown how physical exercise improves a person’s physical and mental health. Being stuck in traffic for more than two hours a day poses serious health risks, induces stress, and promotes a sedentary lifestyle.

It not only leads to a decline in employee productivity, it also increases absenteeism and health care costs. Take it from Arch, one of the country’s leading architectural firms and one of the few companies that promote biking and healthy eating.

Businesses that create a positive impact on their employees’ lives end up becoming more successful. Apart from staying in top physical shape, your employees will look up to you and reciprocate your generosity with loyalty and commitment to your company’s vision.

A Green Investment

Once you’ve encouraged a good percentage of employees to bike to work, don’t let the momentum slide. Set up bike-sharing or bike loan programs, bike storage, and cash incentives to convince more people to become bike commuters.

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If you succeed in making this initiative a permanent fixture in your company, you’ll enjoy numerous benefits across-the-board. Having monthly bike-related events will keep employees engaged. If they become committed to the cause, they will surely feel the same way towards your company.

It also pays to have an office in a bike-friendly area. These office spaces for lease in Rockwell offer the advantage of being in a bike-friendly mixed-use development.

Encouraging your employees to bike to work and supporting them all the way will not only benefit your employees and business, but also the community and environment. One initiative will inspire thousands, and hopefully, would replace Manila’s vehicle fleet and road pollution.