Avoid Spring Cleaning with These 3 Ideas

Spring CleaningSpring cleaning is what they call it, so many homeowners probably believe it’s the only season they should do some real cleaning from the top to the bottom of their houses. The truth is you should clean your home more often, so you don’t have to apply too much elbow grease all at one time of the year.

Cleaning is not only for the purpose of getting rid of clutter and accumulation to protect yourself and your family from health problems; it is also for making sure your home is not devalued. A yellowed and peeling wallpaper isn’t much to look at, after all.

Work your way from the inside out

To make the cleaning process easier, you need a system, such as working your way out from indoors. Start from the bedrooms or the basement. The important thing is to make sure all the areas are clean so all you have to do is maintain that cleanliness, then you won’t have to do any spring cleaning.

Make it shine

Bring your house to a shine like it did when it was brand new. Thehardwoodflooringco.com says that if you have to hire a professional to do the wood floor refinishing, then do so by all means. There’s nothing quite like looking at and walking on smooth and shiny wooden floors.

Whether you believe in the magic of newspaper or the science of Windex, what matters is that your windows are clear and free from smudges and grime. Be careful when you do this, though. You may not see swirl marks up close, but they can be obvious from the curb and against the sun. Use a squeegee if you can’t avoid swirl marks with your microfiber cloths.

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Use a pressure washer

On your porch, roof, or driveway, a pressure or power washer is indispensable come cleaning time. It can remove months or even years of grime and dirt that’s stuck between boards or shingles. It can easily push soil or sand particles from the driveway. It will cut your work in half.

The only reason for spring cleaning is if you’ve been too occupied or lazy to clean on any other season. Keep your house clean all the time and you never have to do any heavy cleaning.