Assisted vs. Independent Living: What is the Difference?

Elderly Care

The option for caring for your loved ones goes beyond choosing between staying at home and getting into a facility. The question on which kind of facility to go should also be considered. The two most common kinds of facilities designed to care for elders are assisted living facilities and independent living facilities.

At a glance, it might seem like these two has the same goal — to help seniors with their everyday lives. Look closer and you would be able to see the difference between the two:

Assisted Living 

Assisted living facilities are designed to assist elders with their day to day lives. This means round the clock supervision, meals, and health care services. Elders are placed in home-like facilities to help them adjust easier. Help with eating, dressing, bathing, bathroom breaks, and medication are provided. Others basic services also include laundry, transportation, and housekeeping.

To make elders feel accepted and functional, added that recreational activities between elders and family members are also offered. Assisted living is usually considered when the diagnosis of the disease is something that would require help in managing different scenarios in the long run. 

Independent Living 

As the name suggests, independent living focuses on giving support to elders who can function with a little help by themselves — but would want companionship from others. Like assisted living, independent living facilities also provide recreational activities designed to keep seniors active and healthy at their age. An independent living facility promotes the idea of a community where people mingle with each other and have their roles to play.

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This type of institution is not recommended for people who do not have the capacity to care for themselves.

Both institutions aim to provide a good life for the elderly. However, only one would be able to deliver the type of care your loved one needs depending on his/her condition.