Are you on top of your oral health?

Smiling person with white teethFoundation’s Do you brush twice daily, every day? According to The Oral Health National Smile Month survey, 1 in 4 British adults admitted to not brushing their teeth twice a day, which includes a third of men. In fact, 1 in 10 admitted to not regularly brushing their teeth. If you take a moment to think about your own oral health, are you doing all you can to ensure your mouth is as healthy as possible?

The state of our oral health significantly affects our overall well being. Having issues with our teeth can cause problems with basic everyday tasks, such as eating or talking. Missing or misaligned teeth can also cause aesthetic problems, such as a sunken face from a deteriorating jawbone or an awkward smile from overcrowded teeth. Cosmetic dentistry can help to rectify these problems. Cosmetic dental treatments are available at many modern dental practices, including Edinburgh Dental Specialists.

For many people, it is too late to reverse the damage done and erase the bad habits of our younger years with just regular dental care. Many of us have discoloured teeth, are missing teeth or have other problems with the state or position of our teeth. A wide range of cosmetic dental treatments are available to address these problems.

What are my cosmetic choices?

Treatments range from quick aesthetic fixes to extensive and complete overhauls of the structure of your mouth and teeth, known as a smile makeover.

An increasingly popular and affordable choice for cosmetic dentistry is teeth whitening. It can help you achieve a brighter whiter smile that we see so often on television and in films. A whiter smile is often seen as having a flattering youthful effect. The procedure can be undertaken either ‘in-practice’ with a dentist, or at home, after you receive a customised kit from your dental team. The whitening gel used is safe, effective and produces reliable results, unlike generic over-the-counter whitening kits.

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For more information on the many other cosmetic procedures available, contact your local cosmetic dentist and book in for an assessment today. From porcelain veneers to invisible braces, your dream smile is now easier to achieve than ever before.