An Overview of Galaxy Hops

four glasses of beerHop farming has been a lucrative business for farmers and other stakeholders in the beer-processing industry. However, with the rigorous development and cloning of different varieties of hops, you should conduct thorough research to identify a reliable supplier. Only then can you be sure that you are buying the best hops on the market. You can opt to buy different types of hops to use in your beer processing. In regards to quality, galaxy hops are among the best.

What Are Galaxy Hops

Many brewers prefer galaxy hops, whose essential oils make beer have a memorable taste. Processors capitalize on these select essential oils to add the beer's unique, inviting, and fruity aroma. For that reason, Galaxy hops are prevalent among consumers.

However, owing to this variety being in high demand, it is advisable that you sign a contract with your supplier to avoid any inconveniences.

Can You Grow Galaxy Hops?

Brewers do not have the legal authority to buy or grow the rhizomes of Galaxy hops. Instead, your supplier will send your order in the form of whole hops, hop pellets, or plugs.

Adding Character in Beer

Galaxy hops smell like passion fruit. However, they taste like peaches and citrus fruits. Depending on how your supplier packages them, Galaxy hops can carry hints of tropical fruits like pineapples.

In the end, the fruity characteristics of Galaxy hops make them a preferred variety in the beer-brewing industry. However, whenever you are planning to purchase Galaxy hops, find a reliable supplier of domestic, imported, or specialty hops.

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