About Us

MATs Maps is a unique travel blog for travelers, backpackers, and tourism enthusiasts across the world. We feature personal and unique insights about different locations around the world to help our readers who are preparing to travel.

As a go-to source for international destinations, we cater to a worldwide audience, especially people like you who love the thrill of traveling. Here, you will be able to read first-hand reviews and recommendations to better understand the cultures and practices of various places in the world. Apart from travel information, we also provide awesome tips and hacks about design, fashion, art, and well-being.

Travel + Blogsite

Blogs are essentially a collection of journal entries, highlighting the author’s thoughts about certain experiences –and that is exactly what you can expect at MATs Maps.

But, instead of stories about introspection, we’ll give you breathtaking and amazing lifestyle travel features. By following and reading through our publication site, you’ll be able to:

  • Interact with potential backpacking buddies in the future via our comments and forums section
  • View candid photos to get a feel of your planned trip
  • Come up with ideas for your next travel adventures
  • Plan the activities you want to try
  • Learn something new each day

Our Promise

Here at MATS Maps, we don’t just pick up a place to write about. You can rest assured that anything that will be featured on our website is something we believe in, too.

Discover places you’ve never been before here at MATs Maps.