A Woman, Her Dying Pup, and a Beautiful Bucket List

Pet and Owner in AtlantaLauren Fern Watt loved her 160-pound English Mastiff, Gizelle. From heartbreaks and college to her big move to New York City, it’s always been her and Gizelle. Lauren couldn’t imagine life without her best friend — until that fateful day she learned Gizelle suffered from terminal bone cancer and only had a few months to live.

The Mastiff was special. Lauren didn’t consider Gizelle as “just a pet.” She was “some extremely special mix of my daughter, best friend, roommate, and everything in between.” Lauren couldn’t imagine life without Gizelle.

Despite her devastation, Lauren knew what she had to do — make Gizelle’s last days count.

The Bucket List Adventure

According to Atlanta Pet Hospice, a provider of hospice care, most pet owners get creative when it comes to giving their companion a proper send-off. In Lauren’s case, she went all the way with a bucket list.

The list was a combination of nostalgia and excitement. From Gizelle’s first canoe ride to dropping by the Times Square, Lauren used traveling to entertain her best friend. Lauren even went the extra mile by cooking a perfect lobster dinner for two. They ate ice cream by the docks, went on an all-girls’ road trip, and spent a sunny day in Washington Square Park.

Apart from the fun trips, the duo also made sure to cuddle every day. Lauren spent every second treasuring her best friend.

Pampering Before they Go

Lauren knew Gizelle’s last days deserved to be the best. Any pet owner would agree with her decision; it’s the best type of send-off for man’s best friend.

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Some dogs don’t enjoy the pills, syringes, and medicines. They develop anxiety, which adds to the physical pain. Rather than force them to get well, accepting their fate and allowing them to enjoy is better. By rewarding them with their favorite things or pulling off a bucket list, you’re doing them a favor.

Gizelle and Lauren’s last adventure was by the ocean. Painful as it was, it was also the time Lauren accepted that Gizelle had to go. She had that peace, and so did her Mastiff. After all, they’ve already had the best times of their lives.