A Revolution in the Dental Industry Led by 3D Printing

Dentist showing an xray resultAre you ready for the dentistry of the future? 3D printing is taking the dentistry world by storm. Sooner, rather than later, you, and other dentists and orthodontists, may be able to print your dental products and simple ortho appliances. Of course, for complex ortho appliances, you can still request from dental laboratories.

For Patients

3D printing is undeniably making its mark and changing the dental industry. Patients can now have dental appliances and products that are customized specifically for them without gooey teeth impressions. 3D printing also allows for more affordable dental products. Finally, you only have to wait for several minutes to receive dental products.

For Dental Providers

Dentists also benefit as 3D printing provides convenience; you can quickly provide aligners or implants to those who need them. Orthodontists and specialists can have an easier time manipulating patients’ teeth in the way they deem fit. Dental providers finally gain more control over other aspects of treatment procedures.

For Dental Laboratories

More than just its benefit to patients and dental providers, 3D printing is also taking jobs back from Asia. In the past, Asian dental laboratories produced cheaper dental parts to the detriment of U.S. dental labs. The number of dental labs in the country today has vastly decreased as a result. With 3D printing, business is returning to U.S. dental laboratories.

Integration and Innovation

With the vast opportunities made possible by 3D printing technology, the dental industry has been quickly building up on the technology. Lately, the LMT (Lab Management Today) Lab Day was held in Chicago. The event, although not specifically dedicated to 3D printing-related products, still showcased several companies and products that made use of 3D printing.

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Prepare for the Future

You can look up different dental 3D printers online and see what can work for you. Alternatively, you can ask for advice and recommendations from a dental laboratory company who may be able to provide you printers as well.

3D printing will only continue to revolutionize the entire dental industry. You can start preparing for the future by learning about dental 3D printing first.