A Better Understanding of Veneers and Bonding

Woman Getting Dental TreatmentWhen it comes to cosmetic dentistry, two of the most common procedures that you would encounter are veneers and bonding. These treatment options are typically recommended for those who deal with a chipped tooth or those with oddly shaped teeth. While these procedures are common, the processes involved are quite complicated.

Learn more about veneers and bonding and the way you can benefit from them.

The Process of Bonding

Bonding or bonded restoration uses a composite resin that is bonded to the enamel of the tooth. It is ideal for minor repairs, such as in the case of small chips and unevenness in the surface of the teeth. Several layers are typically put into place, with each layer hardened using a special light.

Dentists make sure that the colour of the resin matches that of the natural teeth. Once the resin has been put into place, the dentist would have to shape it to make it look the same as the other teeth.

Keep in mind that the resin can break down over time. As such, successive appointments with your dentist might be necessary. If you live in Sioux Falls, look for a practice that offers cosmetic dentistry services in the area.

Installing Veneers

As opposed to bonded restoration, a veneer tends to be temporary. It is often attached to the front surface of the teeth and can come in either porcelain or composite resin. Between the two, however, porcelain veneers are the more popular choice, as they tend to last longer and their colour does not easily fade.

Prior to installing veneers, your dentist would be shaving off a thin layer of enamel on your teeth. This is to make way for the thickness that would be brought about by the veneers. Keep in mind that whilst veneers are very thin, they can still add some thickness to your tooth, which could make your tooth stand out, hence the shaving.

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Cosmetic dentistry provides a way to correct teeth imperfections and improve the appearance of your smile. Work with a reputable and experienced dentist to ensure proper care and treatment.