4 Ways to Raise Healthy, Slim Children

Child ObesityIn a 2016 study, researchers found that being fat during the adolescence years could result in heart failures in middle age. The findings clearly suggest that parents should monitor and address excess fat among their children to help prevent heart ailments in later life.

Here are some ways parents can help their children from becoming overweight or obese:

1. Encourage them to stay active.

Active play has been greatly encouraged among small children, especially in school. This allows children to get up from their desks and work up a sweat outside. Active play has been known to help children do better in school, but there are also activities outside of school that they can do to stay active. Enrolling them in martial arts classes for kids make for a good after-school or weekend activity. Apart from learning self-defense moves, Michigan Academy of Taekwondo explains that martial arts classes also help them develop social skills, discipline, and self-confidence.

2. Give them the right food portions.

In a 2016 study, researchers found that one in 10 parents give adult-sized food portions to their children. How big is this problem? Findings showed that 79% of children aged between one and four are eating food portions meant for full-grown adults. Researchers believe that it’s a big contributing factor to the growing childhood obesity problem. Prevent overeating when you can by making sure you’re giving the right kid-friendly food portions.

3. Give them a lot of green space.

In a 2015 study, a study found that children who live in houses without an outdoor living space (like gardens) are more likely to become obese by the time they reach age seven. The results were compared to children with access to green living spaces that are ideal for outside activities. If you live with limited space, take your kids to public playgrounds or parks to help them get the recommended number of hours of play each day.

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These days, the wide availability of junk food and activities that encourage sedentary lifestyle can cause many children to become overweight and obese. Use these tips to help raise healthy, slim children in a world that is eating up everything that is oversized.