4 Practical Ways to Stop Hair Loss and Reverse Thinning Hair

Stop Hair LossHair loss is something a lot of people deal with as they grow older. Whether you are a lady worried by the amount of hair on your bedroom floor while brushing your hair or a bloke obsessed with covering up your thinning hairline, hair loss is more than just a cosmetic problem. It is something that also affects your self-esteem and confidence.

There are a number of ways you can stop the loss of hair from progressing. In fact, some methods can also bring back some of the hair previously lost.

Massaging your scalp stimulates the hair follicles and increases blood flow to bring more oxygen and nutrients to this part of the body. When you shampoo your hair, take the time to massage your scalp with the pads of your fingers. It also helps to use a shampoo with stimulating ingredients such as mint and rosemary.

Undergo a hair transplant

Many treatment facilities in Glasgow provide hair transplants, a hair procedure that involves taking hair follicles from other parts of your head or body and individually transplanting them into the places that lack hair. Hair transplants may be costly for some, but it has a high success rate for bringing back healthy hair.

Get a prescription for finasteride

More commonly known by its brand name Propecia, finasteride works by blocking the production of a hormone called androgen dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which damages hair follicles and causes baldness. DHT is more prevalent in men, but some women also have abnormal amounts of the hormone in their system.

Ask a doctor for topical treatment

If your doctor approves, you may use Rogaine as a topical scalp treatment to prevent further hair loss and encourage the growth of new hair. But, once you use Rogaine, you may have to use it constantly, since stopping applications may bring back the hair loss.

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It goes without saying that eating a diet rich in protein, healthy fats and vitamin B is vital to your hair restoration efforts. It also helps if you invest time in stress-busting habits such as regular exercise and meditation. Combined with any of the treatments above, these two things alone can very possibly reverse hair thinning and regain a head full of healthy hair.