3 Things You Must Consider When Buying Moissanite Rings

A Luxurious Moissanite RingEngagement rings need not be exclusively made from diamond. Grooms-to-be are starting to explore other options, such as Moissanite rings. Moissanite stones look like diamonds without costing as much. Moissanite is the perfect alternative as it gives off the same shine and luster as diamond while remaining unique.

Just as you do in purchasing other types of jewelry, buy from legitimate stores to ensure quality pieces. MoissaniteCo.com and other Moissanite experts share a brief guide to help you purchase the perfect ring for the perfect occasion:

1. Cut, Shape, and Clarity

Though Moissanite is a man-made jewelry, no two Moissanite pieces are identical because makers craft each stone from a unique Moissanite seed crystal. Differences are more evident in larger stones (two karats and above). So, it is always important to inspect the cut and shape, as well as the color and clarity to see if the piece suits your liking. Otherwise, you can request for a new piece and select the seed crystals you prefer.

2. Various Lighting

When shopping, always check the jewelry under different types of lighting. Typically, jewelry stores have special lighting that complements and brings out the best in all their jewelry pieces. To know if the Moissanite piece that you chose is the right one for you, ask for it to be brought under different lighting conditions.

3. Seller’s Reputation

It may not be as expensive as diamonds, but Moissanite jewelry pieces do cost money, as well. So, make sure you only transact with reputable stores. Otherwise, conduct a background check on the store of your choice. Also, Moissanite pieces are available online. But then again, like visiting brick-and-mortar shops, make sure you only buy from legitimate online Moissanite sellers.

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With these three things in mind, you are now definitely ready to embark on your Moissanite jewelry shopping journey.